I have had individuals suggest that a blog may improve communication to our families and community.  I follow several blogs myself and often wondered what I would say on a regular basis that would be interesting enough for people to read.  However, I recently have become more inspired to make sure the story of the district was shared.  I did not state that I thought my blogs would be interesting and as I begin, please be kind.  I am definitely a novice blogger.  However, as school is just beginning, I thought it may be the perfect time to share on a regular basis what happens around CCUSD#1.  The future blogs will be shorter or at least I will try to make them shorter.

Every blog has a title and so I think my first blog should be ……. #WeAreCarlinville



Prior to the 2017-2018 school year, I met with several high school students and asked them to help me develop a hashtag that would reflect what it means to be Carlinville and what would represent Carlinville CUSD#1.  I had a particular hashtag in mind but the students strongly wanted #WeAreCarlinville.  Through our discussions, the students stated that #WeAreCarlinville is representative of all students, all groups, all aspects of our schools PreK-12 and our community.  For example, We Are Carlinville FFA, We are Carlinville Football, We are Carlinville Primary School, but also We are Carlinville Area Hospital, We are Carlinville Elks, We are Carlinville Rotary, We are Carlinville Fire Department.  The students understood that what makes the school district unique and binds us is that we are part of every aspect of the community and through the support of the Carlinville Community which includes multiple businesses, churches, organizations, government entities, and civic minded individuals, the school district is able to provide not only a tradition of excellence but hope about the possibilities ahead. 


The #WeAreCarlinville is also reflective of what it means to be Carlinville. It is about a belief that you are part of a greater good, that we accomplish more together than as individuals, and that volunteerism is the backbone of great communities.  It is a belief in a tradition of excellence and a future of unlimited possibilities.  #WeAreCarlinville is an understanding that a hand is stretched out to help and to hold when needed.  It is an understood belief that everyone matters, that supporting people strengthens the community, and selfless acts by people in our schools and community make a difference every day. 


As I continue with my blog, I hope to tell that story.  I hope to help people see why #WeAreCarlinville.  I also hope I inspire others to use the hashtag to tell the story of the community and all of its organizations and businesses.  This weekend will be full of traditions.  Between school events, The Fall Festival, and the Lions Carnival, our students and community will be busy.  As you enjoy the upcoming weekend and other events/traditions throughout the year, think about what a group of high school students reminded me.  We are all connected and we are all very fortunate to be part of a school district and community that works together to make a difference.  That is why #WeAreCarlinville.


Have a safe weekend!