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Carlinville Public School Foundation

Who We Are

The Carlinville Public Schools Foundation is an independent, non-profit, charitable (501c3) organization created to provide supplemental founding for district educational programs

Our Mission

To solicit donations and bequests for purpose of awarding  grants that develop innovative or vital educational programs, projects activities, and services which are not or cannot be funded through existing tax sources.  Grants are submitted by faculty, staff, and administrators of C.U.S.D #1

What We Do

We use the thousands of dollars raised through the generous response of individuals, businesses, civic groups, and CHS alums to provide educational opportunities for the students of the Carlinville School District

Recently Funded Grants:

  • Technology
    • iPads
    • Software licenses
    • Solar labs
    • Graphing calculators
    • Smart boards
    • Smart Microscope 5M
  • Cross-grade partner projects
    • Fine Arts
    • Spanish
  • Elementary Gifted Program
  • Elementary Fine Arts
    • Materials and supplies
  • School-wide support
    • Playground equipment
    • Sky lab
  • District-wide support for Literacy