McKinney-Vento Homeless

If your family is in a temporary or inadequate living situation due to:
* a loss of housing,
* or doubled up with relatives due to economic hardship,
* in a shelter, in a motel or campground due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations,
* living in a car, park or abandoned building or bus or train station
your child might be eligible for certain educational rights and services. We want to help you!
Please contact your local Liaison:
Theresa Gwillim @ 217-854-9823 ext.1225 or email at [email protected]
To review the Federal Law for McKinney-Vento click on attached link
To review the State of Illinois Law for McKinney-Vento click on attached link 
Direct link to the State Board of Education - On Homeless Education
Other great resources in the area:
Regional Office of Education
Carlinville Good Samaritan Ministries/Carlinville Food Pantry located at 55 Carlinville Plaza
Macoupin County House Authority - 217-854-8606  760 Anderson St Carlinville IL
Illinois Valley Economic Corporation - 217-839-4431  223 S Macoupin St  Gillespie IL
Macoupin County Public Health Department - 217-854-3223  805 N Broad Carlinville, IL
Macoupin County Public Aid Department - 217-854-3145  340 E Wilson St Carlinville, IL 
Catholic Charities Thrift Store - 217-854-3029   20 Carlinville Plaza
Carlinville Area Hospital - 217-854-3141  20733 N Broad St Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Police Department - 217-854-3221  570 N Broad St  Carlinville, IL